How happy are we? How much happy are we getting through time? What are we doing to get happier?. These are the questions that guide this blog, looking for principles to be happier.
The problems, that questions before indicates, are approached in a very human way: not only through social, but economics and morals. In other words, solve them until they feels fine. This is then, a human approach to society issues. Even more, this is just a personal approach.

Philosophy, as written and orderly thinking, it’s been historically the way of trying to solve the basics issues of humans and societies. It has been an exercise done since the greeks, and maybe, even before that. It’s been a good exercise, and is good to keep exercising. Times goes on, people changes, society changes, but, what still remain? Are we fighting new enemies? Or are them just the same? Given technological advances, could we solve the same problems in a new manner? Or is just the evolution an illusion?. This text is just another attempt to solve those issues, without forgetting the goal: been happier with the new solution. Why would anyone try to solve a problem without the goal of been happier if that is achieve?.

The main assumption in his blog is that all living things are problem solvers. Even more, we all share at least one problem: how do we keep living?. This is a big problem, with solution. Indeed, it has multiple solutions; as much as all the living things that have lived, well, until their dead.

Prior, we don’t know the solution of this problem. Any action we do, and we don’t get kill doing it, seems to be a feasible solution. Now, is there some better solution?  And this is all what this blog is all about: trying to answer this final question.

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