Letter About Education

In 2011, I was asked about the chilean students manifestations. Following was my answer:


Following, I will try to expose my vision regard the subject that gather us. It’s blurry, because I won’t define every single subject, thinking in the precious time we have.

I believe, that to give an structured opinion about education, some guide questions must be answered.

  • Why we want education in a society?

I believe that education must be an society tool to make individuals contribute to society at its fundamental problem. This fundamental problem is just, not to die. Not to die, is the fundamental problem for all living things. People, as a society, is considered as a living thing. Well, now considering that the problem impose and objective:

  • Which is the living thing objective?

Let’s suppose that all living things have the objective to increment the hope of successful descendants of their society or group. That means, continuity in time of the group (or not to die). This leads us to define the group extent. 

  • Which is the group extent?

To determine the extent, try to solve the next question: How could I get more successfully results to keep my offspring living; fighting for my own wellbeing, or society’s? →Is me?, my family?, my neighborhood?, my country?, the world?. The answer is free for all the living things.

Been defined the group extent, I could jump into solve how maintain my offspring :

To this, the living things chose a very clever method: let’s give a lot of solutions of the problem. The solutions that works, should give more solutions through reproduction. The solutions that doesn’t, just die and have no descendants. This method is a little bit slow. Slow to the others, but for the humans. The humans have learned how to improve this method, and it’s done by education. This is the great achieve of the human beings: transfer the successful tools from our ancestors through education. This is the answer for the first question.

From this, it follows that people who are not receiving good education, are being restricted for a good chance of successful descendants.

Let’s suppose that there are two groups called Pg (Privileged Group) and NPg (Non-privileged Group). Pg sees NPg as competitors. As competitors they look forward for the same objective. The objective cannot be shared: just one of them can accomplish the objective. Pg doesn’t even want NPg at all. Pg doesn’t want NPg to successfully have descendants, so one way to deny NPg to have successful descendants is not giving them education.

Now, I think that problem is that Pg sees NPg as competitor. The attack to NPg is wrong: not sustainable through time. This because the different solutions given by NPg could be useful, as probably other solution given an unmeasured uncertainty. In other words, everybody counts on solving the fundamental problem. This means, everybody should have access to good quality education.


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