Here some highlights of mi life.

I’m rural. I was born in the countryside, close to the hydroelectric power plant Central Rapel (this is important later). I had a playful childhood; the only rule was to arrive home before the sunset.

My parents were country school teachers so school was my second home. This gave me a lot of confidence. I was one of those kids while still in summer, were expecting school to start. When I was 13 my family moved close to a small city, Melipilla, but still in the countryside. I still love going there. Even though my highschool was not very good, I managed to enter to engineering in a good university: Universidad de Chile.  Then I chose mechanical engineering (because I loved turbines from hydroelectric power plant). I did a bachelor and a master. Despite a hard beginning, I handled to finished second of my generation. Better than that, I co-founded a group to help the homeless animals at University. It was called Accan (a word composed by using Acción Animal). At the end, I didn’t want to leave university; I just had a great time there.

I worked at CMM (Center fot Mathematical Modelling from Universidad de Chile) as a researcher. It was really fun because I had the opportunity (up until now, the only one) to solve a real life problem from the scratch, and gave a solution that was very welcomed. Then I learned how good I was to get in new fields and identify the main issues, and work with that.

After that, I entered to work at Shimin, my current job as a project engineer, working for the mining industry.

Two years ago, I tried an entrepreneurship with friends from CMM to build a marketplace for numerical simulations (; mainly trying to generalize what we did at CMM. Didn’t work. I believed because we were focused on getting fast money back and we couldn’t.

Not too long ago, I realize that the main problems of society weren’t technicals as I thought when I decided to study engineering, but social. Just think about how society has evolved since we reached the moon. There is more people dying from hunger than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined!. So, are we really evolved as society?. I think not. But we could.

Given that, and some thoughts about society, I decided to be focus on social matters.  This is a huge world that I cannot ignore. Thinking in people problems is more inspiring that working on mine projects.

My actual work on social matters is crystalized on This is a webpage  looking to connect people by helping each other to solve their problems in a collaborative way. All this without the need of money. For me, that’s how society should work: people helping each other. So the world coming back to the society essence, a collaborating world, would be a lot better than the actual (a competing world).

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