About Me

The long stuff, in the bio . The cool stuff is that I’m working on helping.network (ex heroe.cl).

Given huge problems that humanity faces, there is no enough time to enjoy the pleasure of endless thinking, and we must act. We must be the change. Where to start? In the basis: we.»Historical Materialism» is an argument which support that the world is changed not by good wishes and ideas but by actual physical-material activity and practice. I believe in this, and I believe that economy is the closest way to make macro-social changes.

In other aspects, I always find myself amazed by mechanics. It is just beautiful. How could I not be amazed by the beauty of Bob Potts Sculptures? How could I not be amazed by the power of change that Tesla means?


What’s society all about? People helping each other.

We are working on develop an easy tool to allow to people to help each other in their everyday problems.

How does it work? Find it yourself in here.


I like to read about economy, because economy it’s a way of create and organize resources in big scale, with some restrictions. What I miss about economy is the progressive lack of human aspects, mainly morals (and morals is just a set of more restrictions). Where do we want to go? Is just profit? How important is how do I get the profit?. I believe we kind of lost our way, and I´m trying to find out where, when (here is my quest), most important, why?. Why economy is not a tool for the wellbeing of the most?. Raising inequality an inefficiency and we must act to change it. We can’t allow us the luxury of being inefficient. Not anymore. There is just not time. If we cannot make the changes through up-bottom, we should do it bottom-up. That means change our behavior (here is where helping.network comes). But don’t worry, we are trying to make this a fun change.


I have to say that I like mechanics, just because sometimes you can see how things works. You can generally see how things move, breaks and fluids. You could even try to model a lot of mechanics with a simple formula. Not that much with electricity, biology or chemestry. So I like mechanics because I find it amazing and we can enjoy it everywhere every time, without the need of sophisticated instruments. Probably is more fun where you can not see, but I enjoy looking at mechanisms.


I’m not a native english speaker, so if you find any mistake, just let me know 🙂

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