The Starting Problem

So, as we said in the last post, to find out how different we really are from a cold-steel-smart-robot, let’s figure out what  a smart robot would do given an objective, and compare that to our way of doing it. If we do similar, why would we think we are different from a smart robot?

So let’s say we builded an army of smart compliant robots today. Smart means that if we speak with one of them, we couldn’t say that isn’t human. Compliant means, they will try to do whatever we say to them. Just to have fun, we’ll allow them to die. They do know it, but they don’t know when.

Let’s command  them to achieve an objective: you aim not to die. This objective impose a problem: how to achieve it?. Now the problem, how not to die, does it has a solution? Yes, at least all the achievements done by living things, just before they die. So even more, it has multiple temporary solutions. Lucky robots. But they don’t really know that. Unlucky robots.

Why is so difficult? Because it has implicit dependency on future, and let’s agree, we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. So given this uncertainty, one thing we could do is trying a lot. Just try a lot of solutions and those which doesn’t accomplish, well, they’ll find death. But don’t worry, we have an army of robots.

So we pick one of them. What does he does? Nothing, and he died. Because he ran out of energy. So this robot wasn’t that smart.

So we pick another. What does he does? Knowing of the recent tragedy, he desperately looks for energy. He build some machines and he enjoy his life until he die. He has done well, but could be done better? I mean he has lived his long life, but finally he has died, not accomplishing his objective.

We pick up robots until one of them comes with a strategy: reproduction.  He will try to reproduce himself as a manner to extend part of him through time. Nice, now we have a lot of robots, identical  every single one of them, just as our previous army. So is like cheating. What do we do? We kill all of those funny reproducer robots. Is not that hard, as they are the same copy of each other we need to identify one lethal thing to one, and we apply that to the rest of them.

We pick another robot and what do we find? Sex. The smart one has intentionally made a robot, similar to him, but not identical. Every time they reproduce, their child will be built some combinatory of characteristics of his parent, plus a random characteristics. Why? because their offspring will be always a different robot, providing different strategies and solution to the problem. Clever one.

As you may see, just with few assumptions we find similar cold solutions to a big problem, just as our beloved warm humanity. So far, nothing tell me I am not a robot. I’ll keep searching for a difference.

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