Thinking Feelings

Sometimes, when a feel and think regard to situations that surround me, I feel happiness and wonderment for life. When I’m with my family and my friends in a country day, I feel that nothing more is needed.

At other times, when a I see my relatives suffering, I feel pain and sadness. Not just my relatives, but the extent that I care.

Adam Smith’s book The Theory of Moral Sentiments, described these sentiments as a result of how we imagine we would feel in the place of someone who is suffering. This means that happiness or sadness would be as result of reasoning.

If we consider that reasoning changes as we learn, our sentiments could change as we learn more.

Interesting. In a romantic embrace, I use to think that feelings/sentiments were completely detached from thinking; that we could have fire in our hearts and cold ice in our minds. That always simplified my life, not asking too much about feelings but focused on feel them in a given time. That helped me to overcome difficult times.

If our feelings are results of reasoning we would be tempted to understand them using reasoning. Beside the hard work that I believe involves, the findings scare me. What if we were mere logical machines acting as we were programmed? That sounds even worst than Matrix! At least they were humans fooled by machines.

So that’s wat I’m going to do in future posts: suppose that we are programmed to solve one problem and think what could lead us. The problem will be: no to die.

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